Michael Hudson, MS

State Certified Residential Appraiser: #RD6913    

E & O Insurance Policy #RAP3666874-15

Serving Charlotte, Desoto, Manatee and Sarasota counties for ten years.  Mr. Hudson was raised in Miami and the Florida Keys.  He has an inherent love for nature and spends a lot of time on the waters of Charlotte Harbor and the famous Bock Grande.  Mr. Hudson has a BA in Business from the University of Florida and a Masters degree from Nova University.  He is very familiar with South Florida Real Estate Markets and current trends.   Mr. Hudson specializes in unique properties such as barrier island properties and large acre tracts.  Mr. Hudson has excellent work ethics and a reputation for completing honest and accurate residential appraisals.   

We are a leading provider of appraisals for:

  • FHA Mortgages
  • Primary and Secondary Mortgages
  • REO's
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • PMI Removal
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Probate
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Property Tax Litigation

    Our investment in training and technology has helped our customers greatly reduce their workload.  We are able to eliminate the run around and phone tag hassles associated with the appraisal process by using the latest real estate appraisal software.  This allows us to keep our rates competitive with anybody in the industry.

  • Short Turnaround Times
  • Highest Quality Appraisal Reports
  • Online/Phone Status Reports
  • Electronic Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing